Video Diaries

I was asked by a lovely organisation known as The Nyamba Foundation to review two of their youtube playlists. Over lockdown, they’ve been putting together a vibrant array of playlists led by extraordinary teachers from all over the world for us all to try at home. These playlists cover everything from Bhangra, Brazilian, Guinean dance to Samba, Middle Eastern percussion and beyond. I’ve attended a handful of their live classes pre-lockdown which were exhilarating. The joy of rhythm through the human body, through drumming, especially in unity with the rhythm of other humans in a physical space is uplifting, empowering and truly inspiring. I can’t wait to frolic and thrum again in a real, live space but for now partaking in these wicked online classes shall have to suffice.

Below are my videos evaluating Jokeh Sillah’s West African dance playlist and Sidiki Dembele’s West African percussion playlist. Go try them out for yourself here.