As the Project Manager for Pedestrian, I have worked with Jenny on many creative projects in the East Midlands. It is always fantastic to see the range of creative skills Jenny brings. During the Concept music project, Jenny helped young people in challenging circumstances, to create original music and songs and to feel safe, valued and able to express themselves through their music and lyrics. Jenny’s creative skills were fully utilised in our partnership project with the LGBT Centre in Leicester.  Jenny supported young people to create poetry, music and to make an incredible ‘Unity Quilt’, in addition to hosting an inclusive, interactive and beautifully presented performance space at Pride. It’s always a pleasure to work with Jenny, and her ability to work creatively in a range of art forms for the benefit of everyone taking part is a constant surprise and joy!

I have known Jenny as a performer and participatory artist for a number of years and have found her to be an inspirational and innovative artist who has the ability to engage hard to reach, vulnerable people in a variety of different artistic activities.

Jenny has delivered creative writing, wellbeing and heritage programmes for Pedestrian and consistently demonstrates a flair for not only enthusing others in creative activity, but also a solid understanding of, and empathy with, the diverse groups of participants she engages. Her way of gently encouraging all those she supports gathers momentum in each session, developing the confidence and abilities of others in a way which seems effortless.

Our experience of working with Jenny on our Festival Take Over project was brilliant. She brought fresh perspective and an open, willing energy to collaborate with multiple stakeholders (children, teachers, venue managers) navigating at times unforeseeable outcomes in this new pilot programme. Jenny sparked creativity with the young people and carefully structured conversations that enabled them to be amazing. Patient, kind and a fabulous wordsmith. I look forward to the next time I can work with Jenny.

I have put on a number of events, workshops etc. in prison, and this is not a simple process. Hence the professionalism shown by you and your House of Verse colleagues was greatly appreciated – in all honesty I’ve not known an event run so smoothly! 

Other factors worthy of mention are:

  • Inclusivity – professional interaction with prisoners (i.e. friendly, but not friends), making them feel welcome and part of something. Creating space in the programme for prisoner performances. 
  • Clear and timely communication prior to the event, meaning all equipment was appropriate and security cleared in plenty of time. 
  • Carefully chosen acts and set, to take into account security concerns and transport around the prison. 

I very much hope we get the opportunity to work together again.

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