Rhythm with an ‘mmm’…

Mystical rhythms and mythical chasms melding the shimmering blims of the hang drum with the slumbering strums of the ukulele, flecks of darbuka and speckles of lucid vox. Mythm, Carise Zangerle Murray and myself joined in late 2014 and started performing together at the end of 2015. As a duo, we’ve gigged for many wonderful causes and projects in a variety of settings including care centres and hospitals across Leicestershire, Leicester train station, Town Hall Square, New Walk Museum, on a houseboat at Riverside Festival and more.

“It was a very special experience. I felt like it wasn’t a performance that started and ended. It was a very organic sound that is so easily and delightfully compatible with the biological consistency of the human body. It comes into and goes through you seamlessly, like it was always a part of you. You can step into it anytime and you will feel both new and familiar.” Olivia Shabb

“Mythm is like silence coloured in.” – Joey Mottershead

“I could see tribal priestess horses among the wilderness to your music.” – Jacob Addico