House of Verse

House of Verse:
Somewhere for everyone.

Eclectic, electric, creative collective, sharing regular variety events across Leicester and beyond. House of Verse welcomes all people and all art forms: spoken word, rap, beatbox, comedy, DJing, live music, art, projection and beyond…

It all began in early 2014 as my third year Graphic Design project staging five immersive installations – House of Verse: an interactive, poetry exhibition.

Swiftly transforming into a live show and artist collective, I registered House of Verse as a Community Interest Company (CIC) in 2016 and continued running it as a business until early 2020. Supporting myriad local artists in all sorts of weird and wonderful shows and projects, some themed, some in bizarre locations, some in small spaces, some outside, some online, I had a whirlwind of fun, learnt so much and gained a trove of business, project and people management skills.

Currently on hiatus, House of Verse, though no longer a CIC, may well open its cosy doors again in the future.

Screenshots above from the House of Verse website including the Home Page, House Values, Housemates and Gallery. Awesome infographic (left) of everything House of Verse achieved over 5 years. Both beautifully designed by EM Design Studio.