Mission Zero are a unique science start-up intercepting, absorbing and repurposing waste CO2 to be utilised in carbon negative products. Combining the Z with an O, this logo is reminiscent of the end of a turbine which they will be using as their main equipment.

SUPERCRITICAL are an innovative science start-up who transform waste heat into abundant energy using electrolysis. This mark combines the heat gradient of orange to yellow with the zig-zag sparks of electricity using the shape of an S joined with a C.

Meddla is an electronic musician who asked me to design him a bespoke logo. Combining futuristic sharp outlines with organic structures of nature, this logo looks like a space-age sports disco brand, which is ideal to represent his unique sound and style.

Georgina over at Aloejojo asked me to brand her adorable craft business. She specialises in making bespoke, handmade, felt creations to order – humans, animals, plants and more. I love how the loops of the ‘l’ and ‘j’s mimic the pushing and pulling of the felt needle.