I’m staring at a wide eyed everything
with a big fat block stopped halted freeze
like all my roads have been salted but I don’t wanna drive.
I just wanna sit and sulk
or maybe just stare,
and flop my jaw down
feeling significantly insolent
yet bubbling with things I could do to be more creative.
Be useful.
Be better.
Be more good.
Be more fun.
Be more sunny.
I feel the funk has struck today out
of nowhere, somewhere,
everywhere my eyes are slunk,
tired up, wired out into a lethargic ether somewhere, everywhere…
Fired connections all wanting
desire to express, to impress
but feeling suppressed and caked in corked up.
A what about and an if maybe then perhaps something.
A big old slap up meal made of pretend food.
Feeling false feeling truly false trying to feel trying to truly feel.
Trying feels false.
Feeling doesn’t try.
Feeling is.
Maybe I can just feel and it can just be that
and the heaviness can be heavy and my lagging behaviour is allowed.
Maybe I can be all cloudy today
and maybe that’s okay.