Portal necked

I’m portal necked, futurebound, earthfixed and dreamroot,

sparkle sound, sprinkle eared, twinkle eyed and dusk.

I am dawn yawn and diver,

clasp my hands wider

wriggle freefaller.

Stop gawp and stall

this daynight and ether,

the sight parade beneath here.

My height has no bearing in the rainbow abyss that I blare from,

I am twelve thousand spectrums and twenty gilded pathways

every moment that I’m awake or adream…

I’m a sleepy highway,

I’m a focus motor seeking

deep hocus pocus,

I’m gallons of magic all poured into

a shell propped up by a skeleton

and galvanised by supernatural energy.

Heavens above and devils below,

I bellow and I mellow.

I head sunbeam green and scarlet yellow,

I tread violet pumped with navy and moonburnt indigo.

Out I come

and in I go,

out I come

and in I go.